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  1. torrent in queue

    Your magnet is broken, there is no seeder / metadata. Nothing. When you have an issue with a torrent, check it through a torrent client.
  2. Arte.tv

    Il suffit de sélectionner "vue normale". Le lien en clair n'est pas possible avec un lien de streaming (vu qu'il y a différent liens / différentes qualités).
  3. inclouddrive not working

    The host has been disabled and we will probably removed it.
  4. Arte.tv

    Votre lien fonctionne sans problème.
  5. Documentation API ?

    Il sera peut être publique, un jour. Peut être pas. Pas d'estimation de date.
  6. Can download with 2 IPs?

    Sharing an account is not allowed.
  7. Documentation API ?

    Notre nouvelle API n'est pour le moment pas publique. L'ancienne API (qui était distribuée) n'est plus d'actualité, celle-ci sera totalement désactivée dans les semaines à venir.
  8. Kids movies

    This is not the place to discuss such a thing.
  9. Unrestrain link error

    It's just your cookie that are corrupted / not valid. Our link just delete it, like the "disconnect" button.
  10. Unrestrain link error

    Click here => https://alldebrid.com/register/?action=resetcookie And login here => https://alldebrid.com/register/ If you still have the issue, send us the link you tried and your username.
  11. Still cant download anything

    Hello, Please select the correct title in function of your issue => https://alldebrid.com/contact/ And fill the required informations. Regards, AD staff.
  12. Torrent Options Not show on dash board

    The shortcut will come back soon, use the direct link in the meantime => https://alldebrid.com/torrent/
  13. Can't Download Anything

  14. Can't Download Anything

    We are fixing the problem for this server. When one of our servers is down (hardware failure or other problem), it is no longer enabled, it does not affect our users. Obviously this one has not been disabled we will investigate.
  15. depfile links not working